Turtle Survey on the North Branch of Meduxnekeag River

Dave Putnam (University of Maine Presque Isle) is looking for high school and college students to help with a complete survey of the North Branch of the Meduxnekeag River to determine the presence, general population density, and locations of possible wood turtle clusters within the drainage.  The overall objective is to assist Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to complete their statewide assessment of wood turtle population.  The project is planned to be conducted on Fridays and Saturdays In May and the first half of June.  Students will  record all captured or observed turtles, including water and air temperatures, habitat, gender, carapace length, and take carapace and plastron photographs of captured turtles.  Turtles will be replaced exactly as they were found following recording procedures.  We will also make observations about glacial and fluvial geomorphology, and record any evidence of archaeological material that we may encounter.  If you are interested, please contact Cara O’Donnell (water@maliseets.com) or tish carr (waysprogram@gmail.com).