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There are several components to WaYS internship.  WaYS internships provide a multi-pronged approach to help guide and grow Native youth’s opportunity to succeed within the science fields.  One key feature to the internship is the collaboration between Wabanaki Cultural Knowledge Sharer (CKS), to provide Wabanaki cultural connections to the land, and a natural resource professional, to provide the western science aspect. Working directly with natural resource professionals on current and former Ancestral lands will provide opportunities to integrate culture, to varying degrees, within the internship. The CKS and resource professional may or may not be the same person.  A second aspect is that the specific cultural discussions could focus within the specific domain of interest (i.e. fisheries) or in a more broader environmental contextual discussion.  What is most important is that these two perspectives weaved together provide a strong foundation for interns to understand the interconnected relationship that exists between Indigenous Knowledge and western science. As a part of the internship, students are provided an opportunity to attend the week-long earth camp.  This is yet another learning experience where Wabanaki culture and science are melded in an outdoor environment. Finally, the internships are opportunities outside of both of these aspects through workshops and presentations as it relates to Wabanaki Cultural Knowledge.  These happen at multiple venues and students will be encouraged to attend. All three offer students real-world experience and the expectation is that students will take advantage of these opportunities to learn new skills and improve those skills that they have already acquired.

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I liked making baskets, learning about and pounding the ash and listening to drumming and storytelling. 
– WaYS high school student at earth camp