Paid Mentorships & Internships in Washington County

Through a grant from the USDA, called New Beginning for Wabanaki Students (NBWS), the University of Maine Wabanaki Center and the Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS) program have funding to support mentorships and internships for Wabanaki students enrolled at the University of Maine at Machias or living in Washington county.

There are two distinct programs. Kinap mentorships are available to college-age students (upper level undergraduates or graduate students) who will be mentors to younger students at UMM and in their tribal communities. A press release announcing the new program can be found here. (Mentorship program originally called “Ambassadors Program.”)

WaYS Internships are also available for all Wabanaki students living in Washington county or enrolled at UMM. Students will collaborate with advisors to design an internship project in an area of concern to them and to their tribal community. Their project advisors will include a Cultural Knowledge Keeper from the Wabanaki community and a western researcher or professional. Other advisors can be included.

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